Family Vacation to Nevada

This year, the Roberts family (Tenille’s Mom, Dad, brothers and sister) went to Henderson, NV.  When we went to Disney World in Orlando (and dropped some coin), we had postulated that the kids would probably have just as much fun if we got a big house out in the desert with a swimming pool.  This vacation proved out that theory.  We didn’t shell out big dollars on theme park tickets, but it was just as much fun – just proving again that it’s who you vacation with, not where you vacation….

We spent most of our days playing in the swimming pool.  Since there’s almost 30 of us, our family pretty much took it over.   Andrew had taken some swimming lessons, but it was really on this trip, that he started swimming on his own without a life jacket.  He loved fetching rings, so I played fetch with him most of the time we were in the water. 

After the Cancun trip, Caleb had been pining for an underwater camera.  That was his Christmas present this last year.  So, we had some fun taking underwater photos and videos.  There were a bunch of pictures and videos, so I mashed’em up in this compilation.


During the day, we visited Red Rock.


The rocks don’t look quite as big and grand in the pictures as in real life when your children are climbing up on them…


There was some foolishness in the car with the cousins. I guess this is what happens when children have their own cameras.


We went to Ethel’s chocolate factory.  It was a self-guided tour.  They did a surprising amount of the chocolate making by hand…which explains the very expensive chocolates.  We had some samples, but that was it.


We stopped by the Las Vegas LDS Temple and took a family picture.


After most of the family left, Tenille’s Dad, Mom, and sister caught the Jeff Civillico show in Las Vegas.  We thought it was going to be a magic show, but it was a juggling comedy show.  Both Andrew and I got selected from the audience to help him.


I had to throw up a marshmallow and catch it in my mouth.   He kept calling me “Chia” (as in Chia Pet) because of my exquisitely soft hair.


I also had to help Jeff get on top of a Unicycle…. and ended up getting to know him a little too well…   He gave me a DVD of his show… I felt I earned it… and perhaps he owed me a little more…


Andrew was a little more shy on the stage, but he actually ended up doing some tricks. 


The audience applauded loudly for him when he lifted up one leg, so that he was spinning 3 plates while standing on one leg.  Andrew got a “learn to juggle” kit. 


On Thursday, we joined Randy and Jaime’s family at Sand Hollow.  We got to try a standing paddle board.  Andrew learned how to kayak.  Caleb got to knee-board.  Everyone did plenty of tubing.  Tenille got up on the wakeboard and pulled off a few jumps.  A big thanks to Randy’s family for inviting us!


On our last day in Nevada, we visited the Venetian and saw the Gondolas.


Then, went to the Mac King comedy magic show.  This time, Caleb was chosen out of the audience as a volunteer.  He was asked to check inside the tent to see if there was anything strange about it.  Then Mac King made shadow puppets on the tent wall.  When he made a shadow of a bear, a man dressed in a bear costume came popping out of the tent and scared Caleb.  Everyone laughed.  Caleb got a magic book.

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