Maker Faire San Francisco 2014


  I would imagine this is what the after-world might look like for me.  For Tenille, I’m not so sure…

We attended the World Maker Faire in San Francisco.  It was full of all kind of geeks that must just have an infinite amount of spare time.   It gave me something to aspire to.   One of the first things we saw was a group of people that converted their Rascal scooters into horses and they were riding those around the fair.  (Later, I found out why… because 10 hours of walking around makes everyone cranky… )  Andrew got to also ride around on a remote control horse that Tenille drove.

There was just so much stuff… The pictures say it all… but I’ll provide some captions where I think it might add some color.



P1000354  See Mech Warrior behind Caleb.

P1000357 See through Pinball machine with original components.

P1000360Not sure what these people were doing… but I think they were trying to make that big doll thing walk…

P1000361  Fire tower

P1000368Not sure… some kind of a trojan ship/car…

P1000369P1000374  Tandem bike… for kids?

P1000367Bicycles pulling a sled with a dog driver…

P1000379 Metal anaconda… powered by hydraulics.


P1000383Steam powered vibrating couch.  Steam engine behind Tenille.

P1000384A bacon food truck… line was incredibly long…


P1000389wall garden


P1000395Music stage entirely powered by bicycles.  Apparently, they would lose power if there’s not enough juice coming from the bikes.

P1000399  Not sure…

P1000400  Some kind of post-apocalyptic brass vehicle


P1000402Giant Octopus that shoots out flames from the tips of its tentacles.

IMG_6931DIY handheld gaming device

IMG_6941PVC Pipe vertical garden

IMG_6940Giraffe sculpture

IMG_6946Kinematic cardboard elephant powered by a bicycle

IMG_6947  Completely exhausted.

Bunch of stuff I’ll check out when I have some spare time:

First Lego League

Roblox – Build your own game

Tynker – learn to code

Spark chip – wi-fi on a chip

Do it yourself 3D

1sheeld – turn your smartphone into an Arduino shield

Kinetic cardboard sculptures/robots

Bicycle Wheel light art

Xulu Virtual World creator

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