Rotisserie Pig

This Friday, I signed up to roast a whole pig – rotisserie style – for our church camp out.  There’s nothing else on the menu that I’m aware of, so the pressure’s on.  9 years ago, I roasted a whole pig for my dad’s 59th Birthday.    Back then, I rented a rotisserie.  This year, I’m building one…

I got the rotisserie stand all built.  I used square aluminum tubes and aluminum angle stock.  The bottom is made of chimney liner that I straightened out.  The rotisserie is a closet bar made of oak…


I disassembled a motor from a Ryobi hand saw.  I also purchased an electronic component from ebay that allows me to control the speed of the motor.  I’ve hooked it up to a deep-cycle marine battery.  I figure I’ll take 2 batteries up.  I’ll just charge one, while the other is rotating.  It’s possible that the motor might burn out long before the 12 hours of continuous operation…   The contingency plan is to crank by hand.


I’ll put a groove in the spindle.  I’m not sure how yet… But, I plan to wrap some twine around the spindle, then have it rotate a giant sheave which I am making out of plywood.  I’m not sure yet how I’ll make a groove in the sheave.  I’m also wondering if the temperature will catch the twine on fire…   Will it catch the oak closet bar on fire?  Maybe I should have gone for a steel bar, but wood is definitely easier to work with… and I needed an easy way to attach the pig to the rotisserie…

I probably need to get this all figured out tomorrow…

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