Home brew breastpump

 It’s finally finished…
$20 for two wiper motors at the junkyard  (one blew out… )
$20 for two power supplies at PC recycle (one blew out…)
Some help from my father in law and brother in law…
Voila, a breast pump…
So, it ends up that it was a bit slow to extract any milk…  And it’s definitely possible that I could ratchet up the voltage to make the motor go faster… However, this would force me to venture into territory outside of my expertise… not that that has ever stopped me in the past…
However, the real culprit to mothballing this project is that our good friends (the Crocketts) had hospitable grade pump that they lent us… It’s hard to compete for pump time when the other pump is a $1000 beauty from the hospital… and I suppose combined with the slight danger of eletrocuting myself and my wife…  we decided – we’re done…


  1. So are you implying that building breast pumps IS within you expertise… until you start altering voltages??? Way to go Don but I thought the vision was a straight from mommy driving a car to the baby in the car seat?
    Kay said you are quite a sport for letting don hook that thing up to ya.

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