We’re home!

We arrived home Wednesday evening.  The doctors had originally said I would be discharged on Thursday, but since I am doing so well, they let us go earlier.  Everything has turned out better than we had hoped for, and we feel extremely blessed!  Between checking my vitals, blood sugar, Andrew’s vitals, and taking pain meds, there was a nurse knocking at our door almost hourly, so it’s nice to be in our quiet home again.  Wednesday was an especially busy day at the hospital as Andrew was circumcised, received his hearing test, got the not so fun heel prick for the PKU test, and then if that wasn’t enough, one of the nurses accidentally squirt him in the face with water from one of those sucking bulb things.  We had it full of water to clean around the circumcision, and she didn’t know, so when she went to suction out some spit up, she gave him a good wake-up call.  Poor guy!  I felt so bad for him, and the nurse felt terrible.  Thank goodness Don’s mom is staying with us for the next couple of weeks, so we can catch up on some much needed sleep.  .  She is truly an angel flying around taking care of Caleb, the laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc.  Andrew is a very good baby…only cries when you change his diaper.  He still has the newborn sleepies, but we have enjoyed a few moments of interaction with him when he’s not being fed, diapered, burped, or sleeping.  Today Caleb asked if he could "pet Andrew."  It was really cute!  He then said, as he’s said many times, "I just love my baby brother."  Caleb is doing great!  I think Sadie is having a harder time….sniffing around all the baby stuff and staying close to me most of the time.  She’s realizing that she has dropped down the totem pole yet again.  I am recovering from the C-Section well…thank goodness for pain medication!  I get my staples out tomorrow morning.  Nursing is off to a good start, and all-in-all, with everything being so different from Caleb’s delivery and the fact that we’ve done this baby stuff before, it’s been a lot easier.  We are just so grateful for our little "big" guy and couldn’t be more pleased!
Andrew's Birth 042Andrew's Birth 047Andrew

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  1. Congratulations on your beautiful baby!  He is a cutie–and Caleb looks like a proud brother!  So glad the delivery was uneventful!  What a blessing!

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