Andrew Lee Hyun born

Andrew Lee Hyun was born this morning at 8:31 am weighing in at 8 lbs 13 ounces and 20.5 inches.  Tenille underwent the procedure without incident and did great!  We both got a bit nervous as she put on that hospital gown and the needles started going in, but she was as cool as a summer’s day and her heart rate barely fluctuated.  The baby was out in less than 15 minutes, and I took pictures of the baby as ordered by Tenille.  Tenille was scheduled to stay in the Critical Care Unit (CCU) for 24 hours as a precautionary measure since she had her heart mishap last time with Caleb.
There was a bit of a situation with Andrew not breathing fully.  He was a bit purplish, but apparently, this was not completely abnormal especially with C-section babies.  We gave him some oxygen, and he responded well to it, but ultimately they wanted to put him under observation in the nursery.  In the nursery, his blood sugar dropped as he was getting used to his own Insulin.  Because of his low blood sugar, we rushed him down to the Critial Care Unit where he got his first feeding.  The feeding worked great, and he ate like a monster!
We later brought him down to the Maternity Ward where the nurses gave him a bath.  After the bath, the nurses noticed that his breathing was a bit faster than normal.  It wasn’t anything to be concerned about, but they said he was borderline.  They thought that skin-to-skin contact would take care of it… But since the mother was upstairs, they weren’t sure what to do… Then they looked at me and said – "Father skin-to-skin would work to…" 
They made me take off my shirt and lay down with him on the mother’s bed.  Then, nurses came in the room one by one and laughed at me…. I don’t think this was standard procedure… Regardless, the skin-to-skin contact worked, and after about 30 minutes, his breathing was in the normal range.
Caleb met his baby brother shortly thereafter, and they exchanged gifts.  Caleb kept saying, "I just love my baby brother!"  Hopefully, this will be a start of a life long friendship.  He had a chance to hold little Andrew and touch him a bit.
We are so grateful for all the kind thoughts, prayers, and fasting.  We absolutely believe that He hears our pleas.  We have been comforted, when we should have been afraid. We are so grateful for the overwhelming love of our friends and family, and especially the watchful eye of our kind Heavenly Father.    We have been richly blessed and await when you will have a chance to meet the special new addition to our family.
Quick Update:  Tenille was released to the Family Maternity Center from the CCU early (7pm) because she is doing so well!  She even walked a little bit!


  1. Wow, many, many congratulations!  That is just wonderful news.  I\’m so glad everything went smoothly.  Baby looks awesome!  I\’m just sorry we didn\’t get a photo of Don doing his skin-to-skin.

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