Caleb’s letter

My son, Caleb, was asked to “write a letter to a teacher, parent, or grandparent telling them what you appreciate and respect about them.”  My wife approached me today and asked if I saw what he wrote.   I replied that I didn’t see it, and thought maybe he chose to write a letter to me….  He didn’t…  It was even better…

In our church, we have a program called, Faith in God, that prompts parents to work with their children in instilling good values, serving others, developing their spiritual side, and developing their talents.  Every year, the children are encouraged to do eight things from a list of tasks.  Some of the tasks also count toward a cub scouts Scouting Religious Square Knot patch.  In general Caleb is a checklist boy, and so programs like this and the cub scouts really work well for him.

For his letter, he chose to write a letter to his little brother, Andrew.  I don’t think he’ll mind us sharing:


To me, this was pretty amazing.  Mostly, because I remember how my little sister and I seemed to constantly be fighting when we were growing up (mostly because I would taunt and torment her).  It’s unimaginable that I would write such a note to her at that age.  Regretfully, I wish I could have been a better big brother.  Hopefully,  I’ve improved my game over time… and better late than never, I suppose… I’m sure I have a lot of making up…

As for Caleb, I don’t know where he learned to be such a wonderful big brother (because it wasn’t from me), but I’m sure he’ll be blessed his whole life with his best pal.  And likewise for Andrew.  Andrew was inspired to write this short, but succinct note in reply:


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