The girl I chose and the wife I got

I thought I chose the pretty girl
with a modest heart
The girl I chose and the wife I got
are indeed worlds apart,

I expected to live in a modest home
Clean enough inside
But every place we’ve lived it’s as if
She makes it come alive

Our home is like a palace
Exuding joy from wall to wall
Pictures, crafts everywhere
Each with memories big and small           

I thought she’d make dinner nightly
And I would get used to my new fare
It ends up I’d rather stay home now
Than dine out any elsewhere

And we’d have a kid or two
And hope they all turn out
Our excellent children are due to no small part
To the mother of all mothers, no doubt

And though, I thought she was pretty then
I now know that it’s more,
Her beauty overflows to her skin
From deep inside her core

And little did I expect
That her greatness would change me.
I hardly recognize myself
Refined by her proximity

I think back to when I chose her
She was a flower ready to bloom
Who knew that she was royalty
Taking on an unsuspecting groom

How I won this lottery
And ended up with my prize
I know not, but I often
Mouth a thank you toward the skies

Happy Birthday to my sweet wife, Tenille
Who continues to get more refined year after year.


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