Caleb gets his Orange Belt

Caleb is turning into a dangerous weapon.  He had his Orange Belt test on Saturday morning.  This time, he was required to count from 11 to 20 in Korean, break yet another board, and perform his first Poomse.  A poomse (pronounced Poom Seh) is a set of Tae Kwon Do moves that functions like an Encyclopedia of moves.  Almost every martial art has something like this.  Sometimes, they are called Forms.    They are to help the practitioner remember and practice the various moves.  Caleb has been working hard on his Poomse since he got his Yellow Belt.  Now, he has to start practicing his next Poomse.

On Monday (Martin Luther King Day), there weren’t a lot of students in the class, and Caleb, with his Orange Belt, was the highest ranking kid.  He got to stand at the first dot reserved for the most senior ranking person, and he beamed that he got to do everything first.  He still seems to be very much enjoying it and motivated.  Hopefully, he won’t turn on us one day.  I only outrank him by one belt at this point, and I think that’s only because they never had an Orange belt back in my day… You just went straight from Yellow to Green.  Hopefully, this isn’t accelerating the day when he challenges me for control of the herd…

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