Happy Birthday Andrew!

Andrew turned two, last Thursday.  We had a small celebration with family on Thursday night at Claim Jumpers, then at the Family Fun Center.  Andrew, in general, is much more daring than Caleb was at that age, and he’s not hesitant about trying to climb things that might be slightly beyond his capability.  I suppose that’s a good characteristic to have throughout life, unless it involves very dangerous things…   Unfortunately, most of Andrew’s challenges at this age involve something dangerous.

We had a party on Saturday for him.  It was the first party we have had since leaving for China in early 2009. 

We had a race car theme this year for Andrew’s birthday.  Tenille made a super-fun race-track themed cake for him from scratch.  We had Cars playing, we had a double-elimination Hot Wheels race tournament, and played some Xbox racing games. 

The Hot Wheels race was pretty exciting for the kids (and some adults).  The finalists came down to Caleb and Maury Church.  In the end, Caleb ended up winning two out of three races.  Some say it’s not about the car, but more about the driver, but I think in this tournament, it was pretty much all about the car.  Caleb won his first trophy (the Andrew Cup) and he was happy about that… He kept asking if it was a "real" trophy.  I told him that all trophies are real, unless you got it for no reason… I think that’s right…

Andrew had a blast at his party.  He loves playing with other kids, and he’s at an age where older girls like to "take care of him."  The Church girls (that’s their last name) carried him around and spoiled him throughout the party.

As with any two year old, he’s learning how to share (which is a euphemism for "he likes to take other kids’ stuff.")  It does sometimes get a bit out of hand with a big room full of 2 and 3 year olds… Lots of tug-o-wars, resulting in one kid victorious, the other crying.

For the most part, he’s a good kid, and we can usually talk him into sharing… although sometimes it may take a few minutes… and some bargaining…

We expect great things from him this upcoming year – learning how to talk, count, and work with the alphabet.  And we look forward to his outgoing personality bloom even more.   


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