Restaurant adventures

Tenille has been surprisingly adventurous in our eating habits here in China.  She has been buying and cooking foods she’s never seen before, and we’ve been visiting all kinds of restaurants.  One of our favorites has been right in our same complex that we found accidentally.  We were just walking through the court yard, and a lady aggressively invited us in through a door.  In a mood for an adventure, we acquiesced.  We were led through the back door through the kitchen and popped out into a restaurant.  It was a small hole in the wall restaurant.  The kind we probably never would have dared set foot in when we first moved to China.  It was packed full of people, and that always gives us some confidence… In my mind I’m thinking, all these people couldn’t possibly get sick, could they?  This, in a country where hundreds of thousands of babies got sick from milk….  I guess it’s a positive superstition that allows me to eat in more daring places. 

Anyway, it ends up the place was pretty good.  There were no English menus, and no pictures… so we had to go to where they were cooking the food, and point to stuff.  We probably got enough food for 2 dinners… and it came to about $10…  Some stuff was really good, and some were one-timers.  That’s just how it goes here… but next time, we’ll know what to order… (or to point at…)

I think one of my goals is to be able to go into one of these restaurants without an English menu and no pictures, and be able to order a decent meal… (with words… not by pointing…)  It’s something to aspire to…   I ordered a camera, so I’ll start taking pictures of the more interesting morsels….

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