Day 11 – Neighbors have lost it

It’s been 11 days since the snow has kept us trapped from leaving our homes.  I didn’t want to have to write this, but it’s becoming clear to me that our neighbors are starting to feel its effects.  I think the last few days have been a morale crusher, and it’s unclear what effects it would have on a psyche… the snow seemed to start melting, but it has made the neighborhood into a slush trap, forbidding all vehicular traffic.  Hope has turned to despair…   I believe there is a plot afoot to take all of our food storage…  It’s been 11 days now, and I’m sure they are all getting hungry… especially thinking about our canned beef stew and canned taco meat…

Caleb and I have taken precautions and made a snow Fort outside – Fort Christmas.  We’re hoping it sends a message to any mobs that might consider us an easy target.  There’s not a lot of ammunition, but we think we can build up an arsenal pretty quickly with this wet snow…  We’ve made a pact to defend the taco meat until the last snowball is thrown…

Until D-day, the fort could be a nice hideout for us.  It does have a wireless internet connection…  However, I probably should have made the door a bit bigger.  As I tried to climb in for the first time, I did pull a Winnie-the-Pooh and wondered how long I’d have to wait to be able to slip completely through the door.  Slightly inconvenient, but it’ll be effective in keeping the big intruders out…

If you’re reading this, and we haven’t survived our neighbors’ savage onslaught , you can have our choice meats…. In the secret compartment underneath the stacks of green jello packs…. that’s where we keep the spam.

Good luck.

Christmas Eve 040 Christmas Eve 081 Christmas Eve 047

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