Snow Days

Seattlelites don’t have to dream about a white
Christmas.  We’re getting it.  It started snowing on December 13th,
which caused a bit of an interruption in daily life.  Then, the snow
really started dumping on December 17th, and over the past week a foot or so of
snow has accumulated.  There seems to be no end.  We have been
huddled in our home for days with small jaunts to the grocery store between
storms.  It has been both fun and frustrating at times.  Our official
church meetings were canceled last Sunday, but our Bishop held a Sacrament
Meeting for those who felt they could make it in the snow.  We thought,
"No sweat, we’ve got chains."  We all got ready for church, Don
put the chains on the van, and we were on our way.  We didn’t get far,
though.  As we were rounding the first turn in our neighborhood, we
spinned out going up a small hill, and the right wheel chain fell off. 
Don finagled with it in his suit until he finally got it back on.  Our
faithful neighbors, the Kersavages, were right behind us.  We tried again
with no luck.  So, we backed down and went around the other way.  Our
friends followed us.  Fortunately, we made it out of the
neighborhood.  We thought we were doing pretty well until we almost didn’t
make it up the second big hill where we were to turn left.  There was a
big road closed sign at the head of the church road.  Don, being the
obedient driver that he is, didn’t turn and kept going straight despite my
yelling, "Turn left, turn left."  Don answered "The road is
closed" even though all of our other church friends were driving around
the sign.  We turned around, and the right wheel chain came off yet
again.  By this time, we were all frustrated, and Don declared we had made
a valiant effort and were going home.  Karlin and another church member
helped push us, and we made it back home without another incident.

Of course, despite the occasional frustrations, the snow is so fun.  Don
and Caleb built a huge, 4-circled snowman.  It was enormous!  Caleb
LOVES the snow and takes every opportunity to throw himself down in it. 
According to him, everybody is a snowball target whether they like it or
not.  Don and Caleb have been out tubing and sledding with friends.  We went caroling last night with our friends,
the Kersavages, and we had a ball. 
Something about trudging around in the snow makes caroling all the more
fun.  Below are some pics of the snow fun and our winter

Building Frosty

Tubing Fun

Some snow pictures


Don fixing the chain in his church clothes

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  1. It is so fun to see all the snow in Seattle…it makes me miss it quite a bit….sorry you didn\’t make it to church, but glad you are all safe!!! Merry Christmas

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