Jam-Packed Saturday

What a Saturday!  Tenille gave me most of the day to play and do "man" things.  I woke up in the morning, and got Caleb started for the day (which typically involves yogurt and Sesame Street.)  I headed over to Norm Smith’s house to play a few hours of paintball.  It was Norm and Brian Peay (the two most sneakiest paintball players I’ve ever seen), vs. Karlin, Trent, Michael (Brian’s nephew), and myself.  Brian introduced Michael as an ex-con, which at first I thought was a joke, but indeed he had done some time in various correctional facilities around Washington.  He seemed like a decent guy, and it reminded me that all of us make various mistakes of one kind or another.  Although honestly, I expected him to be a bit better at paintball…. Don’t get me wrong, he was good, and perhaps the best on our team… but there’s something about having served time where you just expect them to just tear it up on a paintball field… I suppose at the end of the day, he did score our only two wins by grabbing the flag (in capture the flag).
After paintball, I mowed the lawn which was my one chore promised to Tenille…   Admittedly, I was about a month overdue on this chore…
Then I rode my bike in to Seattle from Sammamish River Park.  It was about 20 mile ride into Fremont that took a bit over 1 hour.  What a spectacular ride.  I caught myself thinking I wish my boys were older so I could do this ride with them.  Most of the route is along the Lake Washington waterfront.  The sun was out and the temperature seemed like it was flirting with 70 degrees.  There were so many people out riding, walking, and running.  I managed to keep up most of the way with a Team in Training group of about 10 bikes that were doing about 16 mph.  When I saw downtown Seattle rise into view, it was a great feeling of accomplishment. 
Caleb attended Karma’s birthday party, and Tenille picked him up and met me in Fremont.  We went to the Seattle Center to watch the robot competition.  Caleb seemed to enjoy it again.  It wasn’t quite as good this time, because we missed the first round, where most of the robots were broken in one way or another…
Afterwards, we met my mom on the Ferry to Bainbridge Island.  We took a quick trip to Poulsbo where she was scoping out an apartment complex for her real estate business.  Poulsbo seemed like a lovely town.  We were only there for about an hour, but I’d love to return there over the summer and walk around in their little waterfront village.
Finally, we went to my uncle’s house on Bainbridge Island because it was his birthday.  The weird part was that my uncle wasn’t there. Apparently, he went out early with his friend to have a special fun guy’s day.  So, we ended up having dinner with my aunt.  The dinner was terrific… but I suppose a bit weird, since it was supposed to be a birthday dinner, and the birthday person didn’t attend. 
The boys crashed on the way home in the ferry, and my body started exacting its revenge upon me for the bike ride as our day came to a close.  It’s difficult to pack in more in a day than that… although having lived with Tenille, I know it’s possible…  

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