First Snow (Biggest Snow man ever!)

It snowed yesteryday.  As is the common custom in Seattle when it snows a few inches, everyone freaks out, cancels all events, and shutter ourselves in at home. Sadly, we missed our company Christmas party.  But, I did get a chance to build the biggest snow man I’ve ever made in my entire life. The problem with making a gargantuan snow man is lifting the body and the head on top of the base.  I was not able to lift either, so I had to solicit the help of my fragile, very pregnant wife.  In some ways, this is the story of our lives… I make my wife suffer in order to fulfill my meaningless ambitions…  Fortunately, in the end, we are all very proud of ourselves and usually she’s glad that she helped me in yet another wacky ordeal. 

Anyone else make a snow man out there?  Post a link, if you’ve got one you’re proud of.  Definitely post a link, if you made your wife help you lift the parts.


  1. This is Curtis and Shandy.  Curtis likes to blow torch his snowmen.  I was mowing the lawn the day before I gave birth.   So yes we all suffer in one way or another. 

  2. Great snowman!  We built a 7 foot snowman on that snowy night as well.  However we were too lazy to take a picture that night and by morning, the snow had turned to rain and our poor guy was 3 humps of meltings snow on the lawn.  🙂

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