Europe: Day 1

It’s finally here, we’re off to Europe.  I have a Credit Union Conference, so Tenille and I are making a European vacation out of it.  I’ll be at the conference for 4 days in London, then we’ll tour through Rome, then Paris.  Tenille has spent months planning everything.  She has books and packets for each city.  My job is to follow her around and carry heavy things.  There are a few things that I am very interested in seeing such as the Vatican, and early church history in Rome, but other than that we’ll likely go and take pictures at all the tourist sites and eat at the tourist restaurants.

We decided that Caleb will not be joining us for this trip.  There’s a variety of factors that contributed into this decision.  1.  He is too young and likely will not remember the trip.  2.  We have heard that there were a lot of pick pockets and thieves, especially in Rome, and parents with small children are prime targets.  3.  He will likely have difficulty adjusting to the time change, and require a special nap schedule.   

At the end of the day, it’s tough enough to keep up with Tenille’s itinerary as an adult.  We figured Caleb will likely not do too well.  Besides, my parents volunteered to watch the boy, and we figured it’d be good grandparent bonding time.  They have pledged to teach him how to count and the alphabet by the time we get back.  Honestly, I didn’t think it was too big of a deal.  Whenever Tenille would tell someone that we’re leaving Caleb, she would always explain how difficult it will be for her.  I thought it was just to make up for the fact that we’re abandoning our baby.  But, when we finally got to the airport Tenille actually had a very hard time leaving Caleb.  She kept explaining to him that “mommy and daddy are leaving, and Caleb is going to be spend time with Grandpa… “  It was making me sad, and I wished she would just give him a kiss, hug, and a goodbye… but she kept explaining on and on…. I was going to tell her that she should stop because he seemed perfectly fine, but all her cooing was going to making suspect something was wrong and start crying…   but I kept my mouth shut and endured the sad scene…. After waving good-bye to my folks and Caleb at the airport, I looked over and Tenille had tears streaking down her face….    I guess it was difficult for her…

Also, I decided to pick up and read the Da Vinci Code despite all the controversy surrounding it.  Mainly, I heard it took place in London and Paris and had a lot of interesting details which may be fun while we’re in town.

Our 747 ride was fairly uneventful.  The ride was 9 hours long.  Tenille probably got 4 hours of sleep.  I got a little less.  When we arrived in London, it was 11am.

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