Another Successful Mother’s day

For Mother’s day weekend, we spent the weekend down at my parent’s house.  My dad got a brand new tent trailer that he wanted to break in so we went camping on Friday and Saturday.  My sister also came up for the weekend. 
Mother’s is always a bit hectic in terms of gifts because my Mother’s birthday is always right around Mother’s day.  For my mother’s birthday, Tenille and I made chocolate dipped strawberries.  We also made chocolate dipped pineapples and bananas.  They were good, but not as good as the strawberries.  Tenille found a trick with adding lard to the chocolate which made the chocolate coating turn out superb. 
Also, as is the tradition (2nd year), Tenille, my mom, and my sister got breakfast in bed.  My mom actually did not, because she woke up before I did, but it’s tough to out-wake up mom.

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  1. Just wanted to say, You guys all look great! Wonderful to see some action on this site, since you do (and eat) such awesome stuff.

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