Tenille’s Parents Visit Seattle

Tenille’s parents visited Seattle the end of August.  We had a great time!  We went to the Aquarium, the Odyssey Maritime Museum, and went crabbing/boating on Don’s parents’ boat.  In the beginning all we caught were female crab or crab too small, but fortunately at the end, we pulled up 2 male crabs.  They were very tasty!  Don got the undesireable task of cleaning the crab before cooking them.  You can ask him about his crab if you want to hear the gross details.
One of the nights, Tenille put her poor Dad to work, and asked him and Don to switch the garbage disposal from the left sink to the right sink in the kitchen.  The two put their heads together (literally…there’s not a lot of room in the cabinet) and engineered the pipes to make it work.  They did a marvelous job, and doing dishes is less painful now.  A big Thank You goes out to them!

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