Annual Roberts Family Lake Powell Trip

Our annual Roberts family Lake Powell trip was a blast this year.  The weather stayed nice for us up until the day we were leaving.  Everyone from the family was there, and we all enjoyed swimming in the water, waterskiing, wakeboarding, and relaxing on the houseboat.  The kids especially enjoyed feeding and watching the fish off the front of the houseboat.  Some of the highlights were:
* Don and I finally had our big race.  It all started a few months ago when Don asked me if I thought I could beat him in a swim race.  I gave a "duh" chuckle and replied, "Of course I can beat you."  Don asked how sure I was, and I replied, "95%."  Don was offended because he has been swimming a lot this past year to train for the triathlon.  On the other hand, I have not swam a distance worth mentioning in years.  I was simply going by my 8 years of swim team experience while growing up.  So, out of this comment came a bet.  We would race!  So, our first day at Lake Powell was the big day.  We suited up and got on our goggles.  We decided to race from a far wall (see pictures) to the houseboat.  The race started off close, but soon Don lost his sense of direction and was having a hard time swimming straight to the boat.  I was having a hard time swimming straight as well, but I kept looking up to reorient myself.  Towards the end, I wondered if I would make it, and I had no idea where Don was, but I kept going and won the race.  Don came in a few seconds later.  So, as my prize I get to get a spa massage.  Wahoo!
* Seth, my 4-year old nephew, wanted to go wakeboarding, so he held onto Randy, my younger brother, while Randy got up on the wakeboard.  Then, Seth climbed down Randy’s legs until he was standing on the board.  After a while Randy let go of the rope, picked Seth up with one hand by his lifejacket, and they both slid into the water without even getting their hair wet.  Seth was so excited!  When he got in the boat ye yelled across to us in the other boat, "Did you see me skateboarding on the water?"  It was too cute!
* Cassie, my 6-year old niece, got up on skiis, and she was all smiles.  It took a few tries before we realized that the rope was too long which made her fall backwards everytime.  Once we shortened the rope, she got up everytime, and each time she had a big smile on her face.
* Caleb swam in a lake for the first time, and he didn’t even cry at all.  He enjoyed splashing and kicking his feet.  I guess those swim lessons I did with him during the summer paid off.  Looks like he is going to be a little fish in the water.  Caleb and I even went on the tube together behind the boat.  Caleb made ooohing and aaahing sounds the whole time.  He definitely takes after his dad in that he is so mellow and just takes things as they come.
We had a great trip and enjoyed spending time together.

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  1. Hi Don and Tenille,
    Christie passed your site on to me. I\’ve been enjoying your many adventures.
    Thought you might like to check out Charles and Allies website.
    They are living and attending school in Rome.
    Caleb is adorable.
    Hope all is well with you and your family.

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