Caleb is One!

Caleb turned one on August 13th!  We had a big party to celebrate.  We had smoked chicken, smoked salmon, and 25 lbs. of Kalbi (Korean Beef ribs).  About 40-50 people came by to celebrate with us.  Caleb donned his traditional Korean garments and participated in Doljabee.  This is where several items are placed before him on a table and chooses from among them.  Whatever he touches is supposed to indicate something about his future.  Caleb first touched the measuring tape, which indicates that he will be good with his hands.  Then after some prodding (and placing various items in front of him), he also touch thread (which indicates long life), money (wealth), and Quantum physics book (academic success)…. 
Finally, we finished the party with a puppet show.  The puppet show idea started because we were watching Baby Einstein, and I thought to myself – I could do better than that!  So our good friends, Dave Evans, and Dan and Stephanie Roth helped put together a wonderful puppet show for all the guests.  You can see the puppet show by clicking here

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