Rotisserie Pig

This Friday, I signed up to roast a whole pig – rotisserie style – for our church camp out.  There’s … More

Family Vacation to Nevada

This year, the Roberts family (Tenille’s Mom, Dad, brothers and sister) went to Henderson, NV.  When we went to Disney … More

Christian Passover

Why would a Christian celebrate Passover?  Isn’t it a Jewish tradition? 1. The point of this annual tradition is for … More

Bughouse Champions

Before the Washington State Elementary Chess Championships kick off, there is a bughouse tournament.  Bughouse is a chess game where … More

Child-Labor Hedge-fund

About a month ago,  I noticed that Caleb was always doing something he called “research”.  I asked him about it.  … More

Caleb’s Business Venture

Caleb has long expressed interest in doing some kind of entrepreneurial activity.  I think it started when we took our … More