Carpool from Federal Way to Bellevue

If you are carpooling from Federal Way to Bellevue, I feel your pain.  I did not get the vanpool set up that I wanted, but I did find a work buddy to carpool with and have been carpooling for almost a year.  Currently, the arrangement is that my buddy will drive, and I pay $5/day every day that I carpool.  I get to do some work on my laptop and get another 1-1.5 hours of work in every day during my commute.  We meet at 8am and get in to work between 8:30-9am.  We leave some time between 4:30-5pm depending on when we got in to work.

We are open to taking on other drivers or passengers.  Feel free to leave a comment if your route fits with ours.

We go from the Redondo Heights Park and Ride to the Bellevue Community College Park and Ride.


Carpool Federal Way to Bellevue
Carpool Federal Way to Bellevue

Quite a few people have contacted me about carpools, but unfortunately our hours and/or routes did not match.  If you are commuting from Federal Way to Bellevue and looking for a carpool/vanpool match up, feel free to leave your contact info in the comments and  hopefully someone will match up with you.

Perhaps one day if there is enough people carpooling,  we can achieve our dream of putting together the wifi vanpool.  🙂


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