Federal Way to Bellevue (Work while you commute!)

Anyone interested in vanpooling?

Currently, I waste about 2 hours on the road every day.  I was looking at the King County Vanpool program to see if there is an alternative.

My big thing is that I want to hire a fulltime driver and I want wifi in the van so that I can work while I commute.    That right there would add 2 hours to my life every day.  2 hours x 20 days = 40 hours/month ==> 480 hours/year.

If anyone else out there feels this pain, please ping me  (Just comment on the post).  We’re work out pickup/drop location and times.

I did some investigation and this is what it would take.  I just need 5 more people to join me.

Current costs:

Currently I’m travelling about 60 miles per day.
$4 x 60miles/20mpg = $12/day x 20 days = $240/month in gas
+ 2 hours of commute time/day + wear and tear on car

“Drive me while I work” program costs:

If we can get 6 people, we could get a 7 passenger van from the King County Vanpool program.

  Low Estimate High Estimate
Revenue $250 per person x 6 = $1500/month $280 per person x 6 = $1680/month
Van + Gas $536 $536
Driver $800 $960
2 12GB Hotspots (Sprint) @ $80/each $160 $160
Total $1496/month $1656/month

Essentially, for the money I spend on gas, I might be able to have a custom shuttle service to my work.

For the driver, I figure we can find a contractor for $10/hour and pay them 4 hours/day. 

$40/day x 20 days = $800/month

It’s possible we may need to pay more for a quality, reliable driver.  If we pay up to $12/hour, then the total driver cost would be:

$48/day x 20 days = $960/month

We might even get lucky and one of the interested commuters might want to be a driver.  We could just pay them $800/month.  That’s not a bad deal for driving a few other people to/from work…  


  1. Did you ever get this vanpool going/have extra space? Currently reside in Federal Way, and commute to DT Bellevue Mon-Fri.

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