My only shirt that fits

At work today, Honest Linda ran into me in the hallway and made a comment, “Hey Don, is that a new shirt?  I like it…. it fits!”  Then she covered her mouth as if she had made a huge faux-pas, then started laughing maniacally. 

The implication was that I usually where clothes that don’t fit.   Between her fits of laughter she explained that most of my clothes are too big for me.  Oh, honest Linda.  I can always rely on her to slap me with a reality check on my fashion sense.  I suppose I could find some solace in that the clothes were too big rather than way too tight…   nevertheless, not a flattering comment.  Unfortunately, my frugalness will likely overcome my sense of fashion or embarrassment,  and I will make no change in my wardrobe… Perhaps, my wife will be embarrassed enough for me and find a few shirts in a smaller size on the next trip to DI…

All I know is that as soon as I start getting smaller shirts and pants, I will balloon up in weight…   I don’t know why it works that way, but I’m almost 100% certain that it does… So, if I wear clothes that are a little big for me, in some ways it’s a relief that they’re still a little bit too big…

Anyway, my wife and I went out to go see the Price is Right travelling show at the Snohomish Casino at the invitation of one of our family friends.  Before the show, we ate dinner at their seafood buffet.  It was quite good.  I think it rivals some of the best buffets in Las Vegas.  Normally, I’m not a big fan of buffets (per the above mentioned fear of ballooning up), but our friend invited us, so we went off to eat unlimited amounts of Dungeness crab.   Our family friend ran into an acquaintance at the casino and invited him to eat with us also.  Apparently, he has never eaten crab before.  We watched him struggle with the black bean sauce-covered half crab as he tried to crack it without getting his hands dirty.  Then suddenly, a crab leg came out of his grip and flew across the table and struck me in the middle of my chest…. on my shirt… the one that fits….

Oh well… it was nice to have a shirt that fit… for a day… 

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