Questions about Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking

We went to watch Pippi Longstocking tonight at the Seattle Children’s theatre.  The kids had a fun time.  On our way home, we discussed the play and what we thought the author was trying to say.  It seemed the good guys were unruly children and the bad guys were the teachers, the policemen, and the social worker.  The bad guys were the ones that thought children should behave properly…

We mused a bit about what the author may have been trying to say… but in the end, mom and dad probably didn’t hold up Pippi Longstocking as the best role model…

At the very end of the play, all the actors and actresses came out to the stage to introduce themselves and take questions.  Children started asking questions like “How does the house on the stage move?”  “Is the horse real?”

We saw Andrew’s hand shoot up, so Tenille asked him, “What’s your question, Andrew?”

He replied, “What’s diabetes?”

Fortunately,  (or maybe unfortunately), he never got called.


  1. I have never seen Pippy Longstockings on stage but I do like the book. I love how children can imagine being like Pippy and if they feel like they don’t fit in (sadly too often) can feel very normal compared with her. Pippy’s confidence is contagious and fun. You can see how it is possible to be happy even while being very different.

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