Good bye, favorite restaurant!

We have a favorite take out place in our apartment complex that has these delicious dumplings. They make it on the spot as we order them and you get 6 for a $1. Not only that, we always got a 20% discount, and we had no idea why… One order will fill you up. 2 Order will feed me and the kids. Tenille went there the other day and noticed that it was closed. I was hoping that perhaps it was a holiday that they might be observing. So, I went back the next day after work and sure enough the lights were out, the chairs and tables were gone, and there was a sign on the door. I took a picture of the sign to show to our Chinese teacher. Maybe they moved to a new location nearby? When I showed the sign to my Chinese teacher, he read it and said, "It says ‘Space for rent’." I’m super sad. Now we have to find another super cheap, reasonably safe Chinese restaurant. It’s forcing our family to start branching out again and experimenting. It’s made me realize that we’ve been getting in a bit of a rut with the few local restaurants that we’ve found.  There’s a row of restaurants where I’m sure when we first arrived would have said, "We’re never eating in that place… " Those are the types of places that we’re now starting to investigate… Cheap and good…

Our dinner exploration the other night did not turn out so well.  I had fried mutton, which was a hunk of deep fried lamb brisket.  I wasn’t as enthusiastic about it as I had hoped, considering it was deep fried..  My wife got a chicken stirfry dish, but the vegetables didn’t wholly agree with her. 

Availble for rent……sad!


  1. I am sorry to hear that. That happens all the time here too. It is really frustrating. One day it is there with lots of people and the next day it is gone. why? why? why???

  2. Kay, I actually don\’t like to ask why… and I think it\’s better that I don\’t know… I just assume it\’s because of money problems…. because any other reason really isn\’t too good… The restaurant exploration has not yielded too good of results yet… and I did have a bout with some digestive problems… Today, I went to a place that had great porridge for 6 yuan (a little less than $1). I also ordered this sparerib dish… but then i got to thinking when they had time to make a crock-pot like spare rib dish when it\’s 11am in the morning… It started to taste cold in the middle and smell old… (probably purely psychological)… but I couldn\’t really enjoy it… I\’ll go back for the porridge…

  3. Your "not to spicy" story was too funny, I cant stop chuckling because i keep playing it out in my head. Caleb\’s preschool video is really cute, he\’s not that crazy of a dancer though, donkey you are going to have to work on that. He is so cute. Hope all is well. Tia

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