Pacific Science Center and Triple X Rootbeer

Last Saturday we went on a Family Outing to the Pacific Science Center.  Don had been several times before on school field trips and such, but Tenille had never been there before.  It was fun to show Caleb the exhibits although he’s still a bit young for most of them.  He did enjoy playing the drums and playing with the water table, though.
Afterwards, Don wanted to check out XXX Rootbeer in Issaquah for lunch because he saw a review of the place online.  Don decided to get the XXX Burger, which consisted of a whole pound of beef.  It was humungous!….bigger than Don’s hand!  The thing was way too hard to pick up, so Don asked if I had gotten a fork for him.  There was a note on the menu that said, "Don’t ask for a fork," so I didn’t.  Well, Don wasn’t happy with that, so he decided to walk over to the restaurant (we were eating in the car because Caleb was asleep) and ask.  Well, when he went to open the door, there was a huge sign that said, "No Silverware", so he chickened out and came back to the van forkless.  So, a word to the wise, bring your own silverware if you decide to go to XXX Rootbeer and get the XXX Burger.  Tenille went with the petite burger, which in-and-of-itself was too much for her to finish.  The rootbeer float was yummy!  We definitely recommend the place!

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