Caleb starts his own Blog

I’ve been helping to set up the Korean School of Federal Way’s website a few weeks ago using WordPress and thought that Caleb could probably do something like this.  So, I asked Caleb to create his own website this week…. He started his “Adventure Journal”:

He’s learning how to set up his own blog and write content.  I’m sure he’d be thrilled if you check out his site and leave a comment.

Had a good discussion about Internet safety – specifically about not telling the world the dates and times of when you’re not going to be home so that bad people can come rob us…

Also about Internet reputation…   How it’s difficult to take things off of the Internet sometimes…

I figure it’s better to dip into this with parental guidance rather than figuring it out on their own in their teenage years when they will be less likely to take advice…

Is 9-years old too young?

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