Balloon Launch–FAA Clearance

We’ll be launching from Montesano at 11am on Friday, Oct 18, 2013 at the John W. Vessey Memorial Ball Park.


Here’s the projected flight path:


If we get a signal from our device, we’ll be heading down on Saturday morning to see if we can retrieve our camera.  Let me know if anyone wants to join our retrieval team.

Weather is looking great:


Final Software Test Cycles are being run on the camera and it’s looking good.

We’ll be razor clamming at Ocean Shores around 4pm afterwards on Friday evening.  Feel free to join us!

Here’s the email from the FAA:

My Hyun,
Thank you for your effort in providing valuable information to us concerning your high altitude balloon launch scheduled for Friday, October 18, 2013 at approximately 11:00 AM local time.  The launch from the Montesano area looks good.
I am attaching some instructions that we will greatly appreciate you complying with:
Even though your high altitude balloon is not covered under 14 CFR Part 101 and requires no authorization or permission to release, we appreciate your voluntary efforts to keep Air Traffic Control (ATC) informed.  Your efforts help ATC mitigate risk associated with the activity.
You may make notification to ATC by doing the following:
24 to 48 hours before launch:
· Contact Prescott Automated Flight Service Station (AFSS) at (877) 487-6867, advise of your intention to launch a high altitude balloon and ask to file a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM)
30 minutes prior to launch:
· Contact Seattle Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) at (253) 351-3520
        Advise of the type and size of your device
        Advise of the location of your launch using a fix radial distance (FRD) of:    HQM066023
        Advise of the anticipated time of your launch
        Advise of the expected rate of climb and maximum altitude of the device
        Advise of the expected trajectory and landing area of the device
Immediately After Launching:
· Advise Seattle ARTCC at (253) 351-3520
When the balloon has landed:
· Advise Seattle ARTCC at (253) 351-3520
· Contact Prescott AFSS at (877) 487-6867 and ask them to cancel the NOTAM.
Additional Information:
Your launch site is: 46.9791; -123.5972 (or the HQM VOR 066 radial, at 23 nautical miles)
Time of Launch 11:00 AM Local Time
Please respond back to me when you have received this email.  Thank you and have a great launch and recovery.

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