Leavenworth (Part II–Tenille rides a mechanical bull)

On the way home from Leavenworth, we hit a farm and a Harvest Festival and Suncadia. Some great attractions at the farm was a Pneumatic Pumpkin Launcher. They even stuffed the launcher with plastic balls and launched it at the kids. (It’s safer than it sounds.)

Can’t see the pumpkin, but it flew about 300 yards

Shot some plastic balls at the kids


At Suncadia, the post-marathon headache was pounding in my head at full throb. Tenille took the kids while I recuperated in the van. Apparently, they had a mechanical bull and it was much harder than it looks to ride it.

Andrew on the bull

Caleb on the bull

Tenille on the bull–It’s harder than it looks.



They also got to ride in a covered wagon.

All in all, a fun trip. Until next year!

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