Caleb turns 7

Happy Birthday, Caleb!  This year, Caleb had a Rocket theme for his birthday.  Now that Tenille has been making elaborate birthday cakes, she is trapped into the curse of having to outdo the previous year.  She got some Fondant lessons from her friend, Kay.  (If you don’t know what Fondant is, don’t worry – you’re probably just a guy.  I’m still unclear what it is…)  Kay helped Tenille create a “practice” cake a few weeks ago.

Caleb's Rocket Cake Practice 2011-07-20 001

Then, Tenille unveiled her masterpiece at his birthday party. 

Caleb's Birthday Cake 2011-08-11 007Caleb's Birthday Party 2011-08-12 011

It was getting a little bit tense when the cake fell behind schedule by a few hours… and there may have been some mutterings about “never doing this again… “  But, after Caleb saw the cake and beamed at his mom screaming, “I love it!” she very quickly forgot about the intense effort.  I imagine this is similar to how women choose to have multiple children. 

We had a bunch of rocket theme activities planned, but primarily spent our time with the stomp rockets.  The invitations themselves were actual stomp rockets this year.Caleb Birthday Party Invitation 2011-07-20 001


A test launch before the Birthday Party w/ Andrew as cheerleader

Caleb's Birthday Party 2011-08-12 013

Lizzy demonstrating perfect stomp form.

Stomp Rocket Launch on Birthday

The plan started unraveling when kids started showing up and I had to start making rockets for everyone.  Admittedly, I got a bit snippy.  Luckily, Adam, Trevor, and Shane kicked in and fired up on the manufacturing line.  A big thanks to the manufacturing floor!

We let folks know that Caleb is an avid collector of foreign coins, and Caleb made some loot.  By the end of the day, he was grinning from ear to ear with all his new coins.  He even got a coin collection book from his auntie to keep all his coins in. 

Today, we looked at some old pictures and watched some videos of him as he was growing up.  What a wonderful journey it has been so far.  What a wonderful boy.  We are lucky to be his parents.  Happy Birthday, Caleb!


CalebCaleb 1 year oldCaleb's Birthday 039Caleb's BD 004Caleb's Birthday Party 066Caleb's Birthday Party 2009-08-13 031Caleb's Birthday 2010-08-13 016Caleb's Birthday Party 2011-08-12 025

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