Family Music

Caleb seems like he has crossed the point where playing songs on the piano are now fun for him.  We often see him playing and practicing without any encouragement.  He has memorized several songs, and you can often hear him plunk them out at all hours of the day.     

Some fathers look forward to the day that they can play catch with their son, or throw a football around.  I had always looked forward to the day I could play music with my kids.  And now it is finally happening.  One of Caleb and my favorite activities is to play duets out of his piano book.  We decided to play one at a church talent show last week.  A piece called “Ferris Wheel.”

I’m grateful that he has taken to the piano so early in his life, and hopefully it’ll just get more fun from here.


Not to be outdone, younger brother Andrew had a few moves of his own.  It seems like Andrew will also have an inclination toward music.  (Hopefully, he won’t be too distracted by girls (as shown in the video)).  Girls can sometimes break up the band…

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