Riding the bus

Since working in Seattle, I started riding the bus from Day 2.  It takes about an hour door to door, but honestly, it’s great.  It takes about 10 minutes to get to my transit center from my house, and then for about 45 minutes on the bus, I usually have wireless, and if I don’t I at least have a book I can read.  I can take care of all my emails and read the news while somebody else does all the driving for me. 
I’m not particularly someone that is extremely environmentally conscious, but I suppose it’s also good to know that I’m doing my part in reducing pollutants and not creating higher demand for imported oil.
It ends up that there are 3 different options from Federal Way to Seattle.  There is the 577 which is the Sound Transit express bus from the FW transit center that goes near Union Station.  There is the Light Rail that starts from Tukwila and goes right into Union Station.  There is the Metro 194 which is not an express, but goes from the FW Transit Center (or I can hit it on the onramp at the Star Lake Park and Ride, and goes right into Union Station.)
So far, I’ve only taken the 577.  I’ve had wireless about 80% of the time.  The other side benefit of taking the bus is that it keeps me on a fairly regular schedule.  I’m usually home by 6. 
It seems like a hip thing to be working in downtown Seattle, but I haven’t really gone exploring too much except for some lunch mostly in the international district.  Perhaps this new job will force me to finally get a little more familiar with downtown Seattle.  For now, it’s just where my cubicle is….

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