Off to China: Day 0

Today, we left for China.  In some ways, it seems like any other vacation.  It hasn’t completely sunk in that we’re actually not coming back for 6 months.  Tenille packed up all of our necessities into 9 bags and 4 carry-ons, and the rest I suppose we’ll buy there.

It did feel a bit more real when my mom started crying as she dropped us off.  I’ll give her a skype call when we arrive.  Technology allows us to do some amazing things, but admittedly, there’s no substitute for sitting in the same room and chatting or giving a hug…

As I sit here on the plane somewhere over the Pacific, I realize there are plenty of things to worry about:  Will Andrew fare ok with the air pollution?  Will Tenille and Caleb become socially well adjusted?  How will we all do with the language barrier?  Will we get frauded?  Will we be able to steer clear of traffic accidents?

There are also plenty of things to be excited about:  Who will be the new friends that we meet as neighbors, churchgoers, and workmates?  How well will be able to learn the language?  How much of China will we get to see?

We have 23 weeks and hopefully we will waste no time in packing in as much experience as possible – with regards to work, travel, education, church, and family.  Knowing my wife, I’m sure we’ll be exhausted to collapse by the time we get home. 

For now, there’s nothing else to report, except that I got the business class seat on the leg to Tokyo and feel a little guilty.  I get the Tokyo to Beijing leg in coach with the kids… It’s only a fraction of this leg, and hopefully the kids will all be sound asleep… 🙂  I love my wife…

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