Six-Word Memoirs

I found this interesting web site that I heard about on NPR.  Basically, the challenge is to write your life memoir with 6 words.  There are a lot of funny ones… but the most interesting are the sad ones.
Here’s a sampling:
Not quite what I was planning.
After Harvard, had baby with crackhead
Found true love.  Married someone else.
Baby Shoes for sale, never worn.
So I thought I’d work on my own memoir…
A few candidates.  If you have some, feel free to comment.
Two Sons, Lovely Wife, snuggle nightly.
Fried Chicken – All I really wanted  (I hope this isn’t the one that gets chosen for my headstone…)
Spent time on family, not memoir

1 Comment

  1. even though I think the fried chicken one is appropriate, i think I would have to go with number one and maybe change it to Two sons, Lovely Wife, Life fullfilled.

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