Halloween: The hunter and the hunted

As every year, we like to do a family theme for Halloween.  Last year Caleb was a bumblebee, Tenille was a flower, and I was a bee hive (despite the fact that some thought I was a garbage sack…).  By the way, if you ever have to guess what someone is dressed up as and you think that they are a garbage sack, the polite answer is "I don’t know."  Not that you have to be polite…
This year, Caleb and Tenille were hunters, and I was a moose.  The reflectors on Tenille’s safety vest was a bit uncooperative for photos, but it does give a bit of an alien effect.  As for the moose outfit, our good friend Bonnie gave the moose head as a present for Caleb.  We made the moose suit.  Actually, my mom made it.  Tenille and I got the fabric, pattern, and cut out all the pieces, then my mom sewed it all up.  Hopefully, we’ll use it a few more times…. I think it can double as a bear suit as well.
Also, I included a picture of Caleb and Karma.  It’s a good thing for Karma that care bears are on the endangered species list…


  1. you guys are AWESOME. e3 was a pirate, diana was a witch, and i…well, i have this funny hat, so I was lame dad in a funny hat. but i revel in your halloween spirit!

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