Europe: Day 17: Home at last

Completely uneventful.  Got on the shuttle.  Arrived at the airport on time.  Took a prop plane down to SeaTac.  My parent picked us up.  It was wonderful to see Caleb again.  Below are some pics from the trip.

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  1. Man, sorry I can\’t be in on THIS show. I had a seriously good time at last year\’s puppet show. Happy birthday, Caleb, and welcome home, D & T. It sounds like an awesome trip!
    And I wouldn\’t feel too bad about not helping that lady put her coins in the toilet turnstile. I mean, if fear of mugging had kept you from saving someone from a runaway horse or something like that, I\’d feel bad (Maybe you didn\’t mention that incident because of your deep shame). But hey, we all have to go to the bathroom on our own. Sometimes.

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