Went camping with the Boy Scouts to Lopez

The camping trip went great.  We saw a bald eagle, eels, crabs, clams, and sewer tunnels.
One of the highlights of the trip was cooking 2 rotisserie chicken over an open flame.  The scouts actually made the rotisserie out of some sticks and rope.  A few notes for those that may want to try this:
1.  Set aside at least 6 hours for cooking a whole chicken.
2.  Don’t plan on eating the chicken… just the outside parts that are cooked.
With that said, the chicken was delicious and nobody ended up getting sick.  But, 80% of that could have been psychological after waiting until near midnight to taste a morsel of the chicken.  The folks that invited us to stay, put the chicken in their fridge over night, and was kind enough to cook enough through for us the next morning in their oven. 
Great trip.

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