Lego Bible

I recently got the Brick Bible a few weeks ago thinking that it would be fun to read with the kids. (Old Testament version)

I was quickly reminded that there are many stories in the old testament that are… how shall we say…. not for the feint of heart… Seeing it in a Lego visual did not make it any less shocking. Sadly, I don’t think I can recommend this for family reading with young children.

With that said, the Lego depictions are definitely memorable.  More mature readers might enjoy the creative visuals.

As for us, I’ll probably flip through the Lego New Testament version to see if it’s a little more age-appropriate… and revisit the Old Testament when the boys are a few years older…


Father’s Day: Food, food, and more food

I was welcomed into the Daddy Café, this morning.


Breakfast = Sausage casserole, french toast casserole


Lunch = Lobster Rolls  (Eaten too quickly… no pictures)

Dinner = Fried Chicken (Tenille’s best yet), Peach Cobbler


I got some picture blocks that Caleb, Andrew, and Tenille made.  But, the best gifts of all were sitting on my lap.  What a privilege it is to be a dad.  Best job ever.


Power Tool Drag Racing

Tenille’s mom and dad came up for the weekend.  We took them to go see Power Tool Drag Racing in Seattle.  It’s the kind of event you’d only take your in-laws if you’re fully secure in your relationship…

Power Tool Drag Racing

We saw a racer made from 3 chainsaws which was impressive.    If you’re planning on attending the next one, just a warning that it’s not what I would consider “family-friendly”.  And it’s not just because of the blatant disregard for safety.


In the picture on the right, notice the vehicle built into a log in the background.