Christmas–My favorite part

Nativity Party 2011-12-11 029


Nativity Party 2011-12-11 036

A few weeks ago, we had some friends over to re-enact the Nativity. It was a good show. It ended up that all the shepherds were the 3-year-olds. And when it was time for the Shepherds to be tending their flock, we found we had lost their attention as they had disappeared downstairs to go play with toys. So, no shepherds this year. Next year, we’ll keep the toys upstairs.  But, otherwise a good show.


Hyun Family Christmas Letter 2011

Greetings family and friends!  This year we decided to try something different for our Christmas letter and give our family update in a 5 minute video.

Hyun Family 2011


Merry Christmas!  We wish you and your family a happy new year full of blessings and dreams fulfilled!  And we hope that our lives will continue to entwine with yours throughout the upcoming year!