Caleb’s pen pal

Caleb and I recently watched the following video together. 

He liked the video and I asked if he would like to write Elder Hales (the author of the talk).    He replied, “Sure!”  He made a collage with pictures of him, Andrew, and Elder Hales.  With some help, he wrote the following:

Elder Hales,

I enjoyed your message about not spending money on things we don’t need.  I will save my money for important things, like for tithing and going on a mission and school.  I will pray for you and listen for you at the next general conference.


Caleb Hyun,  Age 5

Today, Caleb got a letter.

Caleb Letter from Elder Hales 1a Caleb Letter from Elder Hales 2


I wish I would have copied the collage that he sent.

We’ve been watching general conference today, and Caleb has been excited to see Elder Hales.


  1. Caleb, that is so exciting that you were able to receive an answer back from Elder Hales. I am sure that you will never forget this experience. I hope you enjoyed his talk to day. I thought it was wonderful. Love, Kay

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