Caleb’s photo adventure

Caleb and I went on a photography walk after church around our building after church.  These were the pictures that he took and his descriptions of them.


These are flowers that are in my apartment


This is our apartment building from the outside.  We live on the 16th floor.


This is a play park that is next to our house.  I play there every day.  I even play there when I’m at school.


This is my daddy in the play park.


This is the side of our apartment.  There are a lot of big buildings around us.  There are lots of apartments in China.


These are plants that are in China.



These are more buildings next to our house.


This is a pole and a concrete bench.  Our apartment is behind the pole.


This is my dad in front of the street in front of our apartment.


This is a cafe that is downstairs.  They have yummy things to eat like oranges and bread with chocolate.  We sometimes eat there for breakfast.

Don’s pictures during the adventure:

Don Photos 2009-03-01 014

Caleb taking pictures of the courtyard


Don Photos 2009-03-01 013

A prominent restaurant right outside of our apartment.  Big bright neon signs at night… Never seems very busy.  The name has the word “vegetable” in it.  Needless to say, we’ve never eaten there… nor are we ever likely to step foot in there…

Don Photos 2009-03-01 011

Bicycles like this all over Beijing…. Some motorized… Carrying all kinds of stuff.  This looked like a water bicycle.


Don Photos 2009-03-01 009

Gateway Plaza – We live directly behind these two buildings.  But, we don’t really know how to say it in Chinese.


Don Photos 2009-03-01 010

The Silver Tower.  (right next to the Gateway Plaza).  We know how to say this in Chinese – Nan Yin Da Sha (South Silver Big Building).  This is what we use to tell Taxi Drivers where we live…

Don Photos 2009-03-01 007

Caleb in front of the playground.  His preschool is in the background.  The bottom two floors of the building.

Don Photos 2009-03-01 006 Pollution 2009-03-01 001

This is the view from the playground (and also from our apartment window).  If you blow up the picture, you’ll see an industrial smoke stack puffing out clouds of something…  It’s always great to have one of those by the playground and your residence…. raises home values…

Don Photos 2009-03-01 003

Our windows are always open.  We’re on the 16th floor, so it’s probably one of the very top open windows…

Don Photos 2009-03-01 002

Apartment lobby….

These are probably pretty mundane pictures, and probably remind most people of city life – like Seattle or New York…  This is our daily life in Beijing.  We are taking a tour of some of the older Beijing alleyways tomorrow.  So, hopefully, we’ll have something a little more “different.”

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  1. Caleb–I really enjoyed your pictures and captions! You are such a good photographer! Can you take some pictures of your house for your friends in the United States to see? I would also like to see more of you doing Kung Fu. I hope you are well and having fun! I miss and love you,Bonnie

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