eating turtles

It’s hard to miss the big turtles swimming around in the tanks at the grocery store and the markets… At … More


The Chinese are masters of negotiating.  It’s because they have to do it everyday.  Americans in general probably do it … More

Kung Fu

Kung Fu is the primary martial art of China, so we thought it appropriate that we enroll Caleb in a … More

Dinner and a show

  Today was our first date night.  Our Ayi, Luo, came over at 5pm.  I was a bit lame and … More

Restaurant adventures

Tenille has been surprisingly adventurous in our eating habits here in China.  She has been buying and cooking foods she’s … More

Itty Bitty Living Space

Going from our house in Washington to a 2-bedroom apartment in China has been a bit confining for us.  Our … More

Cost of phones

This post is just informative for those that are travelling to China.  We did some experimentation and figured out what … More