Halloween – Princess and the Frogs

The theme for this year is “budget”… and it seems like the theme for Don every year is “home-made”.  This wasn’t as bad as the year I tried to go as a Bee Hive and some people thought I was a garbage bag, but plenty of folks asked if I was an Alien…  That’s what you get when you cover up a Goodwill wicker basket with green fabric and hope it looks like a frog head. 

I could only wear it for about 15 minutes at a time, because it was quite heavy… Fortunately, the rest of my family made up for my subpar costume. 

Our good friend Bonnie joined us for Halloween.  She got to wear our bear costume from last year, and went all out with the face make-up.  She agreed that it was a very hot costume. 

Looking at the pictures below, it looks like a twisted version of a fairy tale… where the Princess has two frog children… then meets an adult frog… who becomes the step-frog father… she kisses the frog, nothing happens… then a bear attacks, and steals the baby frog…

Microsoft Halloween 2008-10-31 007 Microsoft Halloween 2008-10-31 044 Microsoft Halloween 2008-10-31 060 Microsoft Halloween 2008-10-31 056 Microsoft Halloween 2008-10-31 017

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