First Snow (Biggest Snow man ever!)

It snowed yesteryday.  As is the common custom in Seattle when it snows a few inches, everyone freaks out, cancels all events, and shutter ourselves in at home. Sadly, we missed our company Christmas party.  But, I did get a chance to build the biggest snow man I’ve ever made in my entire life. The problem with making a gargantuan snow man is lifting the body and the head on top of the base.  I was not able to lift either, so I had to solicit the help of my fragile, very pregnant wife.  In some ways, this is the story of our lives… I make my wife suffer in order to fulfill my meaningless ambitions…  Fortunately, in the end, we are all very proud of ourselves and usually she’s glad that she helped me in yet another wacky ordeal. 

Anyone else make a snow man out there?  Post a link, if you’ve got one you’re proud of.  Definitely post a link, if you made your wife help you lift the parts.

Thanksgiving and Early Christmas in Salt Lake

We just returned from Salt Lake City last week where we spent some good quality time with Tenille’s family.  It was nice to see everyone, and Caleb always love running around with his cousins.  He will be talking about his cousins for months now.  Tenille’s parents just built a new house to fit the entire family for big occasions like Thanksgiving, and when the entire family gets together, it gets hectic.  We had a chance to help out with the Thanksgiving Turkey, and had numerous opportunities to test out the fire alarm system in the new house.  The first time by burning a rubber thermometer that we left in the turkey.  (Last year we received a thermometer gift with a braided metal cord that you’re supposed to leave in the oven.  Apparently, this rubber thermometer cord was not so heat proof… )  Then we had to "clean" the oven using the self cleaning feature…. This produced more smoke than the thermometer… At the end of the day, the house didn’t burn down… although they may be smelling Thanksgiving for weeks to come…
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While we were down there, we also had an opportunity to visit the recently upgraded Tabernacle.
SLC Nov 07 100SLC Nov 07 101
Caleb and I learned a bit about digging for dinosaur bones at the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point.  Here’s a picture of a bit of our paleontology work.
SLC Nov 07 207SLC Nov 07 209
We also visited the Church Humanitarian Services Building to pick up some brochures and found out that they had no brochures.  Finally, we visited the Family History Center and got a name of  Korean lady who can help us with our family history work.
It was a great vacation and fun to see Tenille’s side of the family.  We’re always treated warmly and it’s always a pleasure to visit.


Better late than never…
For Halloween this year, we thought we’d go "easy", especially since Tenille was pregnant… she expressed that she didn’t have the energy to go all out this year…  Despite her wishes, I managed to coax my poor wife into doing the 3 bears this year…   I convinced her that since I already have a brown suit from being a moose last year, I just need a bear hood… We were able to find a bear outfit for our boy Caleb, and so that just left finding or making a bear suit for Tenille…  This was clearly the "easiest" thing we could do for Halloween.  Just as most fiascoes begin, Tenille’s first mistake was to let me go shopping for her costume by myself… Tenille had an evening appointment which left me and Caleb to our own devices… We eventually made our way to Joann’s fabric… and I proceeded to pick out the most difficult fabric to work with… but to my credit – it looked really close to real bear fur…
When I got home and explained to my wife what I had done, she gave a big sigh and gave me the eye.  The eye that says, "What have you done?  Why have you involved me in this?"  Sadly, I’m very familiar with this eye and I quickly assured her that I would cut all the material… and she just had to sew it together… With that, we spent a perfectly good evening cutting and sewing in the wee hours of the night.  The worst part was that the bear fur exploded when you cut the fabric.  Our entire family room was covered in fur like material.  It stuck to everything like little alien creatures invading our home – to our clothes, carpet, the wall, etc.  It took nearly an hour to clean up the mess afterwards.  (It actually took longer, but after about an hour, we were both tired of cleaning up and gave up for the evening.)
I have to admit that I have an affinity to full body costumes.  It’s a symbol that we take this Holiday seriously.   We’re not just a "mask" family.  We put on suits…. Halloween day whizzed passed us.  I think our costumes made sense when we were together as a family, and a lot of people quickly recognized us as the "three bears".  But unfortunately, we hardly spent more than 1/2 hour within proximity of each other because of our various duties that evening.  When you’re part of the "Three bears" you’re cute… but when you’re just a guy wearing a bear costume, you’re a freak.  Oh well… no use hiding the obvious…
We did manage to get collect ourselves as a family and snap off a few pics.  Next year, the work to pay-off ratio needs to be much lower… I suppose we could add our new baby son as Goldilocks, and be done with it… but there is the church cross-dressing policy… (I have a feeling, I won’t be in charge of costumes next year…)