We made a Hovercraft!

On a Friday night, a bunch of us got together and built a hovercraft under the leadership and inspiration of Dan Roth.  Admittedly, at first, there were doubters (most prominently our spouses).  But, all doubt was replaced with enthusiasm as everyone had their first ride on the hovercraft.  I was amazed that we got something working within 2 hours.  Much thanks to Karlin as he supplied the plywood, leafblower, and holesaw.  The budget for this project was around $5 – $2 for shower curtain and $3 for duct tape.

Apparently, it is the first of many that our group is going to make. Details are here.  For a video of Tenille riding around on the hovercraft, click here.

For the hovercraft rock video, click here.


Learning Accordian

Bonnie spent all of Saturday learning how to play the accordian.  This may sound kind of odd, but even more odd is that the rest of us sat on the couch and watched her…

Click here to see a video